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Removeable, Reuseable, Waterproof, UV Proof
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What products/services are offered?
A: Enlarged digital printing services on
several types of material to include:

Reusable polyester fabric for Action Cut-Outs, Full Framed Images, both for walls, windows, vehicles and more
(Interior or Exterior Use)
o        Adheres to nearly any surface - indoor or outdoor (longevity varies on bare brick, cinder block and stucco).
o        Indestructible - Treated to be waterproof, UV, chemical and wrinkle resistant.
o        Reusable - Can be moved over and over again (our tests proven up to 200 moves).
o        Stores easily on original backing material
o        Several sizes available ranging from Small (24") up to XXL (84")
3.        18 Mil Premium Glossy Photo base Paper for Custom/In-Stock Posters (Interior Use Only)
o        Sturdy paper that is water resistant for easy care-free maintenance
o        Several sizes available ranging from (24") up to (84")
4.        20 Mil Semi-Gloss Fine Art Canvas for Canvas Prints Ready to Frame (Interior Use Only)
o        Several sizes available ranging from (11"x14") up to (24"x36")

2.       4 Mil Matte White Reusable Wall Vinyl for Custom/In-Stock Graphics (
Interior Use Only – samples coming soon,   
call with specific requests)
o        Is easily removed from smooth, painted surfaces without leaving any residue
o        Can be repositioned numerous times for easy relocation
o        Stores easily on original backing material
o        Scratch and water resistant inks for easy cleaning and maintenance
o        Several sizes available ranging from (24") up to (84")
o        NOT FOR USE ON TEXTURED WALLS. Also, if area has recently been painted, paint must be allowed to cure 30
days prior to installing your wall graphic.

Q: What file formats do you accept?
A: Any of the following file formats:
•        .jpg
•        .eps
•        .pdf
•        .tiff
•        .svg
•        .psd

***We require a minimum 300 dpi for any images that are to be reproduced larger than 48". All other images will
require a minimum of 72dpi.
Remember – the output quality is only as good as the input quality of the image.

Q: How do I know if my image will work?
A: The subject in your photo, at a minimum, should encompass 50% of the entire image. If the image does not meet
this requirement the quality when enlarged will appear pixilated and blurry. You should also follow the guidelines
set below for resolution requirements.

Q: What are your minimum resolution requirements for an image?
A: Digital camera images require a minimum resolution of 2048x1536. This resolution is available on any camera with
a megapixel rating of 3 or more. Simply set your image capture settings to the highest quality. Scanned images
require a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 8"x10".

***We require a minimum 300 dpi for any images that are to be reproduced larger than 48". All other images will
require a minimum of 72dpi.
Remember – the output quality is only as good as the input quality of the image.

Use the following table to determine print quality for your image.
Camera        Maximum Camera        Quality of Printed Image
Megapixels Resolution        24"        48"                     72"            84"      
3        2048 x 1536        Excellent        Very Good        Good        Good
4        2240 x 1680        Excellent        Very Good        Good        Good
5        2560 x 1920        Excellent        Excellent        Very Good        Good
6        3032 x 2008        Excellent        Excellent        Very Good        Good
7        3072 x 2304        Excellent        Excellent        Very Good        Very Good
8        3264 x 2448        Excellent        Excellent        Excellent        Excellent
9            Excellent        Excellent        Excellent        Excellent

Q: Will my digital printing design look just like it does on the computer screen?
A: Very close. Computer screen resolution and printer resolutions are different. Computers use ppi (pixels per inch)
to display text or images while printers utilize dpi (dots per inch) to print. However, we do process your images
through our systems before printing to color match. Characteristics of the print material (matte, satin, gloss, etc.) will
also affect the appearance of an image.

Q: Do you allow changes to an order?
A: Due to the quick turn-around times we can only accept changes or cancellations within the first 12 hours you
place your order.

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: Yes, but only within the first 12 hours that you have placed your order.

Q: Do I get to see a proof of my artwork before printing?
Yes. However, the only proofs we seek approval for are the Reusable Vinyl & Polyester Action/Wall Murals. This
ensures that we have removed the image(s) you requested from your photo and what you approve is what is to be
printed. Proofs are emailed to you within 24-48 hours after your order is submitted and we have processed the image

Q: Who do you use for shipping?
A: All packages are shipped via the United States Postal Service. Both Priority (3 day) and Express (Overnight) are

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, United States Postal Service shipping worldwide

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We deliver high-quality products and services - and we do so with a full 30 day money back guarantee. If the
custom products you receive differ materially from your original image, or if the goods are otherwise flawed, then
you may return the custom goods for a full refund, within 30 days of receiving your custom order. However, during
the image approval process, if you approve an image we feel is questionable and you will be notified, no return will
be accepted.
Notify Cheryl Hogan Photography @ cherylhogan@prodigy.net to obtain an RTA number before returning any goods
to ensure that your return is handled quickly and accurately.

Q: Do you offer volume discounts?
A: Yes. Please contact me prior to placing any large volume orders. I will  provide you with a customized estimate.

Reusable Action / Scenic Wall or Window Mural Installation
1.        Select an area large enough to display your Mural. The surface must be rigid and clean. Your
Mural must be at room temperature prior to installing. Remove the Mural from shipping container
and unroll. Let stand at room temperature for 30-45 minutes.

2.        Clean the area selected, using water only, to ensure no dirt or residue will adhere to the
adhesive backing of your Mural. DO NOT USE SOAP OR ANY HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCT. Dry
the surface thoroughly with a clean cloth and let stand for approximately 30 minutes to ensure the
area is completely free from any moisture.

3.        The following steps are best performed by two people.

4.        Once your application area is prepared simply peel the Mural from the white paper backing. If
your Mural is taller than wider, begin at the top and peel toward the bottom. If wider than taller,
peel from right to left.

5.        Once your Mural has been completely peeled from the backing each of the two installers
should hold one of the top corners. Place the Mural to the area you have selected to display it and
press these corners to the wall. Do not concern yourself with the air-bubbles at this time. If the Mural
sticks to itself, DO NOT PANIC, gently pull the two areas apart and re-apply.

6.        Beginning from center of Mural and using your hand, apply pressure and rub from center to
outer edges to apply.

7.        Roll and store white paper backing in the shipping tube for future use in the event you decide
to remove and store your Mural.  
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and / or fines will apply for any unauthorized, un-contracted use, copying, ect.
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**Shipping, Taxes Not Included in Price
2' Long (24")
3' Long (36")
4' Long (48")
5' Long (60")
6' Long (72")
7' Long (84")

**Call for Custom Sizing
**Heights over 44" can be printed
in two or more pieces
Polyester Material
Adheres to nearly ANY surface
Longevity varies on Brick, Cinder Block and Stucco
Vinyl for smooth, indoor surfaces only
Polyester Material
Indestructible!  Indoors & Outdoors
Waterproof, UV Proof, Chemical & Wrinkle Resistant!
Fadeproof - Can even go through a Car Wash!

ReUsable and Moveable
Can be moved over and over again-test proven up to 200 moves.  
Save the backing to store graphic for seasonal use.  Will not harm
walls - both media.  Vinyl has semi-adhesive backing.
Customized - Full Frame or Cut-Out
Backgrounds removed for FREE!  Cut to any subject shape or
apply as a full frame graphic.
Print Quality
The BEST 6-Color Printers available.  Color Matching also
available for an extra charge - approx. $15 per color.
Production / Turn Around Time
Just 3 Days for Vinyl and 5 Days for Polyester "Photo-Graphics.

Personalized with your own photo / graphic!  Pre designed
graphics available too! Call for requests until samples are available
Indoor Use Only
Vinyl "Photo-Graphics"
Murals - Logo's - Decals

**Shipping, Taxes Not Included in Price
2' Long (24")
3' Long (36")
4' Long (48")
5' Long (60")
6' Long (72")
7' Long (84")

**Call for Custom Sizing

**Heights over 44" can be printed
in two or more pieces